Stay at Home Day 3

We started sticking home last week but this week is the official start of working from home and home schooling the boys. Unfortunately, Scott goes back to work tomorrow.

Home schooling is going good. One melt down in three days isn’t bad. Today Kierran wanted to make the lunch he had envisioned so I let him do it. The end result was “I think I’m allergic to it.” Aka, it’s not good. I had two bites and didn’t think it was bad. Olives, carrots, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, olive oil and noodles.

Scott and the boys dug out the fire pit for PE today

Overall we’re doing good! We pray you are too.

The black light

I found a black light in Kierran’s room (stolen from Barrett’s room) and I decided to show the boys how nasty their bathroom was. I pulled them out of their beds and into the bathroom, door shut, lights out. The toilet lit up like uranium. The wall ABOVE THE TOILET sparkled like twinkle lights. There was at least a 2 foot radius around the toilet speckled with what looked like glow bugs. They blamed each other. Mostly Kierran who accidentally admitted he didn’t need to aim because his penis knew where to go.

I chastised their cleaning. I berated their ability to properly urinate.

“Look mom! Your slipper is glowing!”

Everyone looked down at my shoe.

“Stop deflecting!!”

Turns out it was egg yolk. Thank God. That could have backfired.