No More YouTube!

On a drive the other week Merrick introduced us to the Mile Post Game. When you’re driving and see a mile post you ask someone to name that number of a specific item before the next mile post. This game works well when we’re driving to town (10-1) but got tricky when we drove out of town and got closer to the 20 mile post. We made a rule that every mile post over 10 would just be 10 items.

Kierran was doing better than I expected at the game. When my turn came I called on Kierran to name 10 breeds of dog and he totally did it! He proved to be hard to play with because he’d ask the most obscure questions like “Name 10 President’s dog names.” We had to put the kibosh on those shenanigans because we were all losing.

My turn came about again and I asked Kierran to name 10 stores. I assumed this would be a little tough for him. What does he know other than Safeway, Fred’s, Old Navy, Joanne’s and Prospector. Maybe Home Depot or Lowe’s, but he probably couldn’t get 10. Well, that was foolish thinking. This kid starts his list and says, “Best Buy” and I’m thinking he’s never even been to a Best Buy, but maybe he saw it when we were in Anchorage? He follows that up with, “Gucci”

WHAT THE! Scott and I look at each other like we might have placed someone else’s child in the car. “What do you know about Gucci?” I asked. He answered, “On Sis Verses Bro on YouTube…” Holy crap I hate that channel. These kids get ridiculous gifts from high end stores and you watch them open the gifts. STUPID! He forgot to name stores like Fred’s and Safeway but totally got two stores he’s never stepped foot in 🙄 and Gucci? Good grief.

Skip forward a week and Scott is playing the game again with Kierran on their way to town. Scott asks Kierran to name 5 restaurants. Kierran starts off good with “McDonalds, Subway, Hooters…” HOOTERS!!!! Scott said, “What!?” “Hooters is a restaurant right dad?” UGH!!! After Scott told me the story and we laughed for a while I asked Kierran where he heard of Hooters. He was hesitant because he knows YouTube is on the chopping block, but he confessed that he heard it on YouTube when a kid was crying because his parents were taking him to another restaurant and not Hooters for dinner. He thought Hooters was like Chucky Cheese 🙄 When I told him the attraction to Hooters and that it wasn’t the chicken wings, his eyes got big. “Oh, I didn’t know that,” he said.

Looks like it’s time delete an app!

Sharing is Caring

Baseball season has began. Which means practices, games, rain, sunshine and baseball, baseball, baseball! Merrick is playing in the Majors, Kierran in the Minors, and Barrett is an ump this year. We joked about sibling rivalry behind the plate, so far all is well, but we’re only two games in.

The boys had their first games on Tuesday and both M and K played at the same time which made for a hilarious turn of events. See, I ordered both boys slide shorts and cups the same day and only one arrived. Kierran wore it at the ball fields long enough to say, “I’ve got a big crotch.” and then wanted to take it out. So, he slipped it out and I put it in my jacket pocket. It was a cute look for me. It ended up working out great since Merrick is the catcher for his team and his cup didn’t come in, he got to wear Kierran’s cup.

Halfway through Tuesday’s game Kierran ran over to me, “I need my cup! Where is it?” I told him,“Merrick has it on.” “I’m playing catcher so I need it!” “Well, crap. I guess I’ll go get it.”

Merrick was in the dugout awaiting his turn to bat so I snuck in. “I need the cup.” “What?” “I need the cup. Your brother is catching this inning.” “Mom!” “Merrick!” Reluctantly, he followed me out and they went into the bathroom to switch.

The exchange didn’t go unnoticed by Merrick’s coach or some of our friends in the stands. There were a ton of laughs. The boys were good sports about it and Kierran gave the cup back after he was done catching. To Merrick’s relief, his shorts and cup came in today so there will be no more cup sharing this season. I think we’re off to a good start!