Just So You Know

It doesn’t escape my attention that 90% of the stories I post are about M. He’s very charismatic and home with me every day. B is in school and gone most of the day and K is just to young for anything other than sweet baby humor.

I predict that even when M goes to school full time and K joins the group verbally I’ll post more about M because he’s going to be THAT kid. Maybe you’re interested in knowing more about what I mean by “THAT” when I define my second born. Let me tell you about yesterday…

M and I were going over his Teach Your Child To Read lesson while sitting on the floor. “Mom, there’s something in your ear.”
“Oh, do I have a little potato?”
“I’ll get it!” and before I can defend myself he jabs his finger into my ear!
“STOP IT!” I swat him away and he shows me a small bit on wax on his finger.
I say, “Go wipe it on a..” he wipes it on his pants.
“Gross M.”
I return to my lesson and in the corner of my eye I see this boy start to SNIFF HIS FINGER! He’s like the monkey who sniffs his finger after he scratched his butt and falls out of the tree!
“EKKK!” He thinks it’s hilarious and rolls around laughing. BLAGH!

Now this is the same boy who hours later is laying with me in bed trying to take a nap. He leans over and kisses me, kisses my hand, tells me he loves me then kiss the necklace that I wear everyday. The necklace has a major significance for the daughter we lost. A story for another time. But he brought tears to my eyes with his love. NOW, don’t get all cozy because hours later right before bed time we hear our oldest son yell, “MOM! M peed in my bed! On purpose!”
He got into trouble, don’t doubt that. He is ALWAYS pushing a boundary! Who pees in a bed on purpose?! He’s going to make a hellion for a college roommate I tell ya.