The art of a sincere apology is a class that is frequently taught in my house. I try to get the boys to not only say sorry to each other but be sincere about it and understand they should feel bad if they intentionally or accidentally hurt someone. Barrett has no issues here. He’s a compassionate and sensitive child. It’s Merr I have issues with.

Yesterday Barrett tattled on Merr for saying sorry but he smiled when he said it. Sigh, really Barrett?! So I said to Merrick “When you say sorry to someone if you are smiling they don’t think you mean it. So when you say sorry try to look serious about your apology.” “Ok, I’m sorry Barrett.” and he did a good job of looking Barre in the eye and looking sincere. I was really proud of him and got a little too cocky about my parenting.

Later in the evening the boys were supposed to be getting ready for bed (HA!) and I hear BUMP…OUCH! “Sorrrrrryyyyyy” in a sing-song like HAHA I got you voice. UGH here come the tattle tale I thought.

“I’m telling mom you said it with a smile on your face!”
“OK OK! Wahhhh, wahhh I’m sorry Barrett. WAHHHH”

I laughed so hard my knees buckled and Barrett even started to laugh. Very seriously Merrick says “Well I wasn’t smiling!” SIGH SMH