Antisemitism and Piracy

B is not my comical child. It’s a rare day that he shocks us or makes us laugh because of his actions. He takes after me and tries to make people laugh and ends up with a horrible knock-knock joke and a stretch of silence. Today was his rare day.

We were sitting at the table having lunch. K was in his high chair drinking some watered down apple juice.

B- Why does K get juice?

Me- Because he rarely gets it. Plus I watered it down so it’s more like watery juice.

Thoughtful Pause

B- It’s Ju-water
I’m sure I heard that wrong.
M- What?
B- Ju-water. I shortened juice and
M- Oh, I know what you did. You can’t say that. There are a group of people referred to as Jews and when you say that it makes it sound like you’re making a racial pun or joke. It could hurt someones feelings. So just say watered down juice.
B- Ju-water sounds better.

Later in the day we drove to town for a bit of shopping. The two older boys have taken to more contemporary music and no longer ask for toddler songs. We were listening to the radio and a song comes on that B just loves. So he decided to record it the only way he knew how.


It reminded me of when I was younger listening to the radio. The TOP 40 was almost done and the best song (in my opinion) was number 2. I’d hit record on the tape deck and the damn DJ would cut into the song halfway through and ruin it! I’d yell “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” and stop the tape. I had many tapes of my favorite songs cut short because Casey couldn’t plan his show to fit within the time slot.
His recording is mixed with his brothers yelling from the back and me yelling back at them but it doesn’t stop him from jamming out to his recording later in the evening.

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