Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Scott has been gone for work conferences. I’m on week two. He returned home for two days and took off again this morning. This week I decided to help assist my efforts with weight watchers by NOT drinking beer or wine. I was going to give up coffee too but I figure I’ll wait until I run out of creamer.

Both boys came downstairs tonight. Merrick was hiding something behind his back and Barrett was telling him to show me something. Merrick refused but both were laughing so hard I can barely make heads or tails of what’s happening. When the laughter died out Barrett says “Just show her!”
“Look mom, we made juice.”
“How did you get juice? OH MY…..”
Lots of giggling
“It’s pee!! It’s pee!”
“YOU PEED IN A SIPPY CUP!? Throw it in the sink. NO, throw it in the trash! DON’T TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN IT’S DRIPPING!”
I caught my self about to laugh.


Motherhood does some crappy things to your sense of humor. I’ll try giving up alcohol next week. But there is none in the house and the idea of throwing the kids in the car and driving to the liquor store just seems wrong. Especially after the regular check out guy knew my kid by name a few years ago. Talk about shaming someone out of a casual, my kids drive me crazy drink!

One thought on “Double Trouble

  1. Lissa I love all the stories!!! Wish I had written down some of the things my kiddos had done.
    The reason I loved WW was they allowed anything 🙂 skip the milk servings and have wine…lol

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