Reality Check

Reality Check

Barrett and Merrick LOVE to dress up in costumes. Merrick’s all time favorite is… Batman. A couple days ago Merr was dressed up and gathering his bat-tools in his room. Barrett tried talking to him but made the mistake of referring to him as Merrick.

“I’m batman, not Merrick”
“You’re not the real Batman you know! And I should know because the real Batman was at my birthday party a few years ago. Remember MOM!
“Yes I remember”
“Yeah, he was happy to be there but had to leave because him and Spiderman had to go get some bad guys”

I can’t believe he can still remember his 4th birthday in such detail. My father-in-law and brother-in-law, whom I still owe a case of beer, dressed up as Batman and Spiderman for Barrett’s party. They flew in, posed for pictures, played a game or two and took off around the side of the house to go capture some bad guys.

I found it humorous that Barrett tried to slap his brother with a dose of reality when he himself is disillusioned and Merr is silmply pretending. One day the truth will come out. A lot like Santa and the Easter Bunny. Though I tried to do away with the Easter Bunny this year and it didn’t work. I openly admitted I hid the eggs and Merrick even asked if I was the bunny. Somehow they both put together the bunny dropped the eggs and candy off to me and I put them together and hid them. UGH!

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