It Could Be Worse

There’s a portion of me that LOVES to complain. Not to be annoying or bothersome but to share my woes, make sure I’m normal and gain some insight. Plus it’s nice to put a funny spin on it. I usually play my complalints out in my head first to perfect sentence structure and try and find a twist on words etc. Today has been a CRAZY day. As I was playing out my post in my head full of humorous complaints I stopped and thought “You could be planning a funeral.”

A friend of mine lost her son last week in a tragic accident and is currently planning her 9 year olds funeral. The Boston explosion was yesterday and that’s weighing heavy on me too. So despite the fresh egg dropped on my just scrubbed floor, the tipping over of a vaporizer full of oils onto my carpet, the dumping out of paints onto the floor and walking in the room and seeing my 11 month old with a mouth full of paint……SIGH……I really don’t feel as overwhelmed and exasperated as I normally seem to be because I see very vividly that it really could be worse.

My thoughts are prayers are with my friend Eleonore and everyone involved in the Boston explosions.

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