He who blows his NOSE too hard…

He who blows his NOSE too hard...

I sent the boys to their room to clean. More times then not it’s a worthless attempt at getting them to clean their room but works great to get them away for a while.

Tonight they both come barreling into my room after 10 minutes of cleaning and Merrick calmly said
“Get it out, Mom. Get it out.”
“Get what out?”
“The thing in my nose.”
“I don’t see anything.” Crap this isn’t good!
He starts sniffing
“No, don’t sniff. Blow like you’re blowing your nose.”
He blows once and coughs.
I plugged the right side of his nostril and he blows again. A slimy tail of a gummy lizard lands in my hand. I was so shocked! It was so long and he had it shoved up so high that I couldn’t see it. The boys laughed hysterically. I had to wash my hands but went back to him to talk about NOT putting things up his nose. I had a headache earlier today and it has returned.

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