A Bunch of One Liners


I’ve been watching Malcom In the Middle  reruns lately. Yeah Netflix! When I was younger the show didn’t appeal to me. Now I feel like it’s a glimpse into my future. The way the parents find humor in the annoying tattling has rubbed off and Scott. Both boys were getting ready for swim practice and from the other room we hear “MOM!”. It was Barrett, the biggest tattle tail. I interjected

“Have you boys packed you swim stuff yet?”
“No, I haven’t but Merrick did and he’s pulling my hair!” Now Scott interjects.
“Your brother managed to pack his swim bag and pull your hair and all you’ve managed to do is tattle. He’s an over achiever.”
Barrett just stared dumbfounded and walked away. It was so funny.


That same over achiever managed to grab a few laughs at his last day of preschool. Here is the text I got from his teacher.IMG_4857

This stemmed from a short discussion that morning where Scott was acting out a little too passionately and Merrick asked “What’s dad’s issue?” My response was “HAHAHA Yeah, dad has issues.” Oops, my fault. Sorry babe. The best part is that later in the day Scott’s attitude changed dramatically. When I spoke to Tara later she mentioned the Pastor prayed for Scott. Amazing how that works.


Since summer has FINALLY come to Fairbanks it seems that I can’t stop taking pictures. I’ve taken 205 in the past 5 days. It’s been a busy week with school getting out and the weather warming up. Our chickens have been able to get out and check out the new yard. They found a dusty spot next to the house and they love taking dust baths in it. We refer to it as the Chicken Spa. Today I overheard Barrett tell Merrick “The chickens are spawning. Leave them alone.” “Spa Barrett. It’s the Chicken SPA!”


Tonight we went to my moms for dinner to say goodbye to my nephews before they left for the summer. Merrick took this play date seriously and packed a very heavy backpack of toys and costumes. When we got to my mom’s Barrett stopped short of the front door and said “Merrick you should change into your Batman costume out here because I know you aren’t wearing underwear.” With a OH YEAH look on his face Merrick dropped his backpack and pulled his shorts off with one swift jerk. Then pointed at his underwear. So I chimed in “Yeah Barrett so take that!” Barrett shook his head, turned away from us and said “Oh gosh”. I think he’s growing tired of our reindeer games.

Now here’s some of the 205 photos I just uploaded…

Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course
Tug Of War
First time sitting facing forward. He was so excited!
Merrick’s turn
Kierran’s turn


Barrett’s Flouncy Fingers and Disappearing Broccoli

I have taken to painting my nails lately. I like being girly. Having boys doesn’t lend itself to much girly time. Luckily for me painting my nails is tolerated by the boys because they want their nails painted too. I let them pick one finger and one toe off each appendage. Merrick always begs for a full set but I stick to the rules so Scott doesn’t cringe so much. Side note: My mother in law tells me Scott begged her all the time for his nails to be painted and she painted his.

With freshly painted nails Barrett answered the front door. My nephew Landen was spending the night. Landen was quick to notice Barrett’s nails.

“Did you paint your nails?””Yeah, my mom did it. I get one nail on each hand.”
“Which nails did you paint?”
Barrett then flipped Landen the double bird. Landen gasped and I choked back a chuckle.
“Landen, Barrett doesn’t know what that means.”
Barrett had that deer in headlight look on his face. Poor boy. I explained that holding up a middle finger meant a bad word. So he dropped the middle fingers and whipped out a set of jazz hands. The whole situation was quite fitting being that Landen taught Barrett the F word a few years ago.

A few days passed and I served broccoli with dinner. Barrett’s arch nemesis. I serve it to him with the flower chopped off so all he has to eat is the stalks. I usually give him 3-5 stalks. He finished them quite promptly and I was shocked. Usually it takes begging and pleading, maybe a bit of bribery. Minutes later we were in the car heading to swim practice and I was congratulating Merrick on doing what I asked him the first time. That too usually takes begging, pleading and bribery. Barrett pipped up like most kids with a
“What about me?” 
“I’m really proud how you ate your broccoli so quickly without complaining. Good job. I’m proud of you.”


“Mom, can I take the garbage out when we get home?”

Well, I’m grateful he’s bad at being sneaky . Hopefully it sticks and he doesn’t get better at it.