Voo Doo Magic

For the last couple weeks Kierran has been a sick pup. He had a cold that had him badly congested. One morning he woke with his eyes glued closed with gunk and splotches of red in one eye. I took him to the Dr to see if he had pink eye which he did and the Dr suggested giving him benadryl to help clear his nose up. The eye drops and benadryl got him in great condition for his first birthday on Sunday! Image

Then come Tuesday his cold came back with a vendetta. After spending way to much time on WebMD I thought he had pneumonia or meningitis. I didn’t rush off to the Dr because it’s a running joke with me and those close to me that you can look up cold symptoms and find out you’re dying of the plague. Which did happen to my friend Sabrina. She’s still alive.  That website it horrible however I always go back to it. A lot like those AM radio stations. Coast to Coast gets me all the time!

I did my best to look at the situation through new eyes and thought I had legitimate claims to take him back in to the Dr. When they asked what was wrong I held my tongue about the WebMD diagnosis. I made a clear list of all his symptoms so I wouldn’t get distracted. The Dr took one look into his ears and said “WOW! That’s a bad ear infection. Yep, in both ears. The left one is worse but the right one isn’t to far away. It’s the type of ear infection I wish I had a med student with me to look at. They are very inflamed and filled with puss. Poor guy.”

WHAT! Do you remember the post just a month ago about the lady outside of Freds? OMG I’m positive she walked into the store and made a voodoo doll of my son and poked toothpicks into his ears! Even though that evil lady sabotaged my 3 for 3 no ear infection streak she wasn’t able to keep my little guy from smiling through the pain. My apologies for the blurred photos. My phone doesn’t take the best pictures.


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