Barrett’s Flouncy Fingers and Disappearing Broccoli

I have taken to painting my nails lately. I like being girly. Having boys doesn’t lend itself to much girly time. Luckily for me painting my nails is tolerated by the boys because they want their nails painted too. I let them pick one finger and one toe off each appendage. Merrick always begs for a full set but I stick to the rules so Scott doesn’t cringe so much. Side note: My mother in law tells me Scott begged her all the time for his nails to be painted and she painted his.

With freshly painted nails Barrett answered the front door. My nephew Landen was spending the night. Landen was quick to notice Barrett’s nails.

“Did you paint your nails?””Yeah, my mom did it. I get one nail on each hand.”
“Which nails did you paint?”
Barrett then flipped Landen the double bird. Landen gasped and I choked back a chuckle.
“Landen, Barrett doesn’t know what that means.”
Barrett had that deer in headlight look on his face. Poor boy. I explained that holding up a middle finger meant a bad word. So he dropped the middle fingers and whipped out a set of jazz hands. The whole situation was quite fitting being that Landen taught Barrett the F word a few years ago.

A few days passed and I served broccoli with dinner. Barrett’s arch nemesis. I serve it to him with the flower chopped off so all he has to eat is the stalks. I usually give him 3-5 stalks. He finished them quite promptly and I was shocked. Usually it takes begging and pleading, maybe a bit of bribery. Minutes later we were in the car heading to swim practice and I was congratulating Merrick on doing what I asked him the first time. That too usually takes begging, pleading and bribery. Barrett pipped up like most kids with a
“What about me?” 
“I’m really proud how you ate your broccoli so quickly without complaining. Good job. I’m proud of you.”


“Mom, can I take the garbage out when we get home?”

Well, I’m grateful he’s bad at being sneaky . Hopefully it sticks and he doesn’t get better at it.


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