Merrick Had A Dream…

I went school shopping with my boys the other day at Freds. It was a normal threaten their lives a few times type of trip and of course we ran into people we knew. Lucky for them there were witnesses that would put me there with the kids so nothing serious happened. We made it to the shoe department and both boys were trying on shoes but having a hard time because despite my instructions…they weren’t wearing socks. So I found the box of footie pantyhose and handed them each two socks. WOW! They thought those things were amazing. Their shoes slipped on with no trouble and they felt soft and cuddly. Merrick wore his for a while today.

I’ve felt like a nag lately with instructing the boys to clean up after themselves. I’m getting annoyed at my own voice so I can only imagine their frustrations. While I barked at them to get in the car for the 3rd time Merrick turns to me and says “I have like this dream where I don’t like you. It’s like a dream or something in my head that says I don’t like you right now.” He shakes his head in attempt to hush the voice (I’m guessing here). Oh, it took restraint to not tell him the thoughts that traveled through my mind at times with him. I took the higher road and said “You better get this figured out because I’m your mom and I’m not going anywhere and you have to like me.” Which isn’t true but damn, who gets told by a 4 year old that the voice in his head says he doesn’t like you. I’m locking my door tonight.

Speaking of the word damn…two days ago Merr was sitting on the floor with Kierran making the most annoying noise.

“Merrick, stop.”
“Merrick, STOP! It’s annoying”
“What did you just say?”
“That’s a bad word.”
“No, it’s where beavers live.”
“No, not the way you used it. You said it like a bad word. Don’t say it again okay?”

I repeated the story to Scott and before I got to the part where I corrected Merrick Scott is pointing his finger at me. WHAT?! “Yeah, that’s all you.” “Damn.”

2 thoughts on “Merrick Had A Dream…

  1. Thank you Melissa I needed a laugh tonight and you came through with flying colors.
    I love hearing stories of your boys because it takes me back to when I raised mine.
    Always a new story everyday!
    Love you Melissa…

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