Too Honest?

My kids are honest to a fault. I was cleaning the bathroom this morning and Barrett walks in and says,

“Why do you have to clean the bathroom again?”
“Do you even remember the last time I cleaned the bathroom?”
“Yes. It was sometime this month.”
“Yeah, well I don’t remember when that was either so I’m cleaning. Especially when we are sick we need to keep this room clean.”
“Oh yeah, we do pee in the shower a lot.”

I’ve gotten to the point after 7 years of parenting where I sigh, shake my head and close my eyes.

Later in the afternoon the older two are outside playing in the water. I see them fully clothed dunking their heads in a bucket of water. I guess I should intervene. I go outside and give them rules or guidelines if they want to play the head dunking game. Hopefully they won’t drown themselves.

After an hour my mom comes over and we start canning tomato sauce. I glance out the window and both boys are naked. I ask my mom “How did that happen?” I watch Merrick attempt to dip his junk into the full bucket of water. “HEY!” I yell through the window, “Is that appropriate?”


And that’s it. I watch Barrett do the same thing. They’ve regressed their play from drowning to freeze our junk off. It’s safer. I sigh, shake my head and close my eyes.

Can I get a BOO HOO?

Can I get a BOO HOO?

For the last two weeks Scott has been a full time dad while I have been doing part time work. W,TH and Friday Scott is home with the kids for the entire day (Friday I only work a half day so exclude Fridays) by himself. This is big for us. It’s the first time in 7 years Scott has played this roll.

I listen to him when he complains but it sounds like things I’ve said just a few weeks ago. I wonder if he’s just copying me? Nope, I think now he actually gets it. The boys will give his patience an exercise just like they do mine.

Today I get this text…can you feel my sympathy? NO? BUWHAHHAHA