Is It That Time of the Month?

Regular morning at my house. Merrick was up first, then Barrett, then me, then Sonny, then Kierran. While I’m making breakfast Merrick is at the counter drawing with pencils. He’s on his third one. He presses too hard and breaks off the lead. He’s drawing people this morning. He says he has drawn me.

Me and Merr

I ask him, “Where’s my body?”
“Right there!”
“Do my legs connect to my head?” I ask as I’m pointing to my legs and then my neck.
Patting my stomach I ask “What’s in the middle?”
His answer, “CRAMPS!”

I’m laughing pretty hard when it dawns on me that I don’t ever complain about cramps because I don’t get them and in that instant I made a sad face and said “Ohhh, baby. They’ll go away.”

He gets side stitches when he runs. I can’t remember having them when I was four but it’s a trend on my side of the family. My dad gets them, so does my aunt and myself. We discovered it last winter during indoor soccer season. He would grab his left side and crouch down. Sometimes he’d run to the corner and hide. We’ve taken him to a doctor and short of blood work and MRI’s we’re at a stand still. Poor boy 😦

Little One Gets Bigger

My friend Kristina took some candid shot of Kierran the other week. I’ve been dying for some 1 year photos of him and the stars aligned when the sun was shining on a Saturday, Kierran was in a good mood and Kristina had a nice camera sitting around waiting to be used.



Another cool thing, Scott and I SWEAR he says “Thank you” now. Two words! Hi and Thank you 🙂 He’s not a talker like his brothers were but he’s picking up slowly.