Christmas Caroling

On the way to school Barrett came up with the idea to go caroling this Christmas. My heart was warmed. Then I got a nervous feeling in my stomach when Merrick and Barrett started listing the homes they’d like to go caroling to. Yikes, you know I’m going to be the loudest of the bunch and I can’t carry a tune. It’s one thing for family members to know and hear this but WAY out of my comfort zone to sing to neighbors and friends. They did have good intentions but I quickly saw their motives when Barrett ended his sentence with “….then they’ll invite us in for hot chocolate and apple cider.” Uhh huh, I get it now.

We discussed which songs we’ll sing. Up on the Roof Top, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Jingle Bells were just a few mentioned. Merrick’s rendition of Jingle Bells lasts forever and he can’t keep the lyric straight. They seem to change each time so he may go solo with that one. I suggested Silent Night. It’s my favorite. I used to sing it to Barrett when he was a baby at bed time. The rest of the conversation was like this…

Me: “Siiiiiiiiiiiilent Niiiiiiiiight…”
Barrett: “STOP!”
“What?” The poor boy has tears in his eyes!
“I don’t like that song. It reminds me of those dogs on the tv…”


Or your Christmas! Or your mom’s favorite song!

Last Christmas we were at my Aunt’s house and Barrett and my Aunt were sitting in the tv room while I was in an adjacent room on the computer. I heard the music and Sarah’s voice and immediately thought “I’ve got to get Barrett out of the room”. He’s sensitive and to his credit he’s doing a great job of handling highly emotional situations as he gets older.
I heard Barrett ask my Aunt “Why’s that dog in that cage?”.
My Aunt responded with something along the lines of “These dogs are treated badly by their owners and they are raising money to help give the dogs a better home.”
My memory is a little fuzzy but I think he said he wasn’t going to watch it and turn his back then I got up and walked near him and  said “Barrett come here please”. This poor boy ran to me and bawled. The hiccuping crying. I think I sent a text to my friend Sabrina, no, wait maybe in was a FB post on her page…. either way Sabrina’s oldest son was upset by the ad maybe a day after this happened to Barrett. Together we went on a I HATE SARAH rampage. As with all things my anger towards her and the ASPCA died down until I found out they ruined CHRISTMAS!!!

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