Humpy Dumpty Had a Great Fall


Kierran is a climbing machine!  Just three days ago I put him down for a nap and went to my neighbors house to drop some items off, don’t freak out. Scott was home sleeping off night shift. I ended up talking for 15-20 min and when I returned home Scott and Kierran were in the living room. “What’s going on?” Scott replied, “Kierran jumped out of his bed.” WHAT! Scott woke up to Kierran screaming and ran to see what was going on and he was laying on the floor of his bedroom. Well, time to lower the crib to the lowest setting.

Yesterday, I was making lunch and my back was to the island. I heard the bar stool hit the ground and didn’t react because Merrick constantly goofs off and tips them over on top of himself. I’ve canceled my sympathetic reactions for him when he does that. I take my time turning around and only do it to make sure the chair didn’t break and see my baby’s foot pinned under the chair at an odd angle and his face purple from holding in his scream. I blew in his face causing him to take a breath. Kierran is a tough boy and cries for a moment then runs off. He wasn’t stopping this time. I took a look at his left foot and noticed slight swelling and purple bruising. I tickled the bottom of his foot and saw he was able to move his toes and ankle so PHEW, not broken. I held him until he stopped crying and sat him down to have lunch. After lunch I set him on the ground and he fell. CRAP! He tried three times and gave up crying. He’s unable to put pressure on his foot. OK, we’re off to first care.

Two hours and five x-rays later (Kierran hates x-ray machines. Now if they looked like i-phone we wouldn’t have had a problem) we were told there was no break or fracture. He has a severe contusion. Ibuprofen 3x a day until the swelling goes away. If he can’t walk by Saturday come back. Today is day two and his foot is still swollen, he’s trying to walk but crawling more and throwing fits when he walks. He throws the cutest tantrums. He walks (crawls) to the carpet and collapses and just lays there. It’s a sweet tantrum. With all this pain he’s in he didn’t learn his lesson. He tried climbing up the bar stool again this morning. Fool. While I was making the boys lunches I can hear Kierran yelling so I go into his room and check on him. He’s crawled up his crib and was standing inside of it. We might finally have to baby proof the house.

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