Hunting Season Finale

I came home from work last week and Barrett runs up to me and says “Dad shot a dog!” WHAT!!! Seriously, we just moved from “that” neighborhood let’s have a fresh start. Scott laid the details out for me.

There is a dog down the road that keeps coming over to our house and he just barks in our driveway. (Megan I am no referring to Tucker) Sonny must have pissed him off or peed on his side of the street so he comes over here and just stares at the house and barks. That particular day the dog found his way to the back of our house and sniffed and sniffed with his nose until he found the chicken coop. Scott loves his girls! He attempted to shoo him away but to no avail. So he grabbed the BB gun to give him a little stinger to keep him away, with Merrick by his side cheering him on.

“Dad, grab your gun.”
“This is my gun.”
“No, your real gun. Shoot him and we can keep the meat.””We don’t eat dogs Merrick.”

Uhhhh, I’m ready to get past hunting season this year. Next time you come over we’ll have neighbors dog heads mounted on the wall of the chicken coop and I’ll serve some warm sweet and sour “chicken”.

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