Day of Firsts

My little Kiekie doesn’t get the spotlight much, nor does Barrett compared to Merr so here is his little day in the sun.

The other day my little guy upgraded to size 2T clothing and from size 5 diapers to size 6. He also went pee on the POTTY for the first time. He beckoned me in his little language that only I understand I guess and walked into the bathroom. He started to pull at his pj’s so I asked if he was going to go pee on the potty and stripped him down, placed him on the potty and we sat there for a moment then the magic happened! Am I going to attempt to potty train my 1 year old now? No. As much as I loathe buying diapers I’m not sure I want to deal with potty training right now. Maybe a half ass attempt but NOT full out potty training. So in addition to all of that my smallest man got his first time out. Big day of firsts for this guy and I’m over the moon that my Aunt and Dad were here to share it with us.

IMG_6614 My Kiekie in his first time out 😦

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