Winner of the Favorite Son of the Day Award

Yesterday I had a few minutes before work so I threw together a new recipe for gingerbread pancakes. I was only pressured a little when I told Scott I found a recipe for gingerbread pancakes during my 2 hour insomnia that night and he asked if I made them.”No, I’m only telling you about them.”He just returned from a long weekend in Kansas City so he must be missing my cooking. He gave me the puppy dog eyes. UGH I decided to make them real quick. Yummmmm! I was done cooking except Scott accidentally ate Barrett’s pancake that was in the shape of a gingerbread man. After enough complaining I tried to free had one with a squirt bottle (like you’d use for mustard or ketchup). The batter got clogged in the small nozzle of the bottle. So I squeezed harder and harder… POP. Batter flew all over my nice work outfit and Merrick yells “What happened! Oh mom, it’s in your hair and on your face! Mom, it’s ok. You still look very pretty!” A big congratulation to Merrick for winning the Favorite Son of the Day Award! I cleaned up pretty good and no one seemed to notice at work. I did however wipe dried batter off my face later that day that I somehow missed. Oops!

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