Favorite Child Toss Up

It’s a toss up who gets favorite child of the week this week. All three have brought great moments into our lives in the past seven days. I’ll let you choose.

On Scott’s first day back to family life Kierran and Merrick shut themselves into the bathroom and according to the story Kierran opened the bottle of bleach and dropped it on the carpet in the bathroom which I have loathed since I saw the house and made my own attempt to have it removed by “accidentally” squirting toilet bowl cleaner on it. The boys have sided with me and continued to pursue my dream and poured bleach on the carpet. Here’s what I get at work,


So I’m imagining a river of bleach flowing out of the bathroom and into the hallways. When I come home this is what I see.


Close my eyes, shake my head. Later in the texts we got into a texting argument about saving the kids skin versus the carpet. Because once again I’m envisioning a river not a speck. Scott was pro carpet I was pro kids.

Then later in the week Barrett says to me “Mom, come look at my dogs! They are so cute!” Oh yeah, you’re dad will be so happy to see this 🙂


Then there is Kierran who tried to take out the trash. He drug the bag all across the kitchen and into the mud room with only a small snag.


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