Our Christmas Letter

I woke up this morning startled because somehow my subconscious realized I forgot to move Usick, our Elf on the Shelf. It’s the last day before he hibernates for the next 11 months. Giving me ample time to pin more ideas on ways to display him since this year I heard a lot of “He did this last year”.

This year has been a good one for us. I’m scrolling through my photo cache looking at all the fun things we did. It’s funny how even a screen shot of a text brings back a multitude of laughs. We celebrated New Years Eve with my cousins in Arizona,


Kierran and I had our second round of thrush, Merrick started soccer which lead to the discovery of his horrible side cramps, Barrett broke his third pair of glasses but in his defense the glasses were cheaply made. 2013 also brought a lot of missing teeth, paint samples, budding friendships, friends moving away :(, Barrett learned to ice skate, Kierran mastered crawling and started to run! Crazy dance routines and costumes,


fake eyelashes, dramatic dentist appointments, the bear rug concession, a visit from the naughty leprechauns and foreign objects dug out of noses.


I got to fulfill my dream of working at McDonalds. Unfortunately instead of rising to the top after a few hours like I had imagined I got spoken to a couple times. Meat chickens, graduation, swim lessons, funerals, bike rides, beer making, days at the lake, ASTAR, botched hair cuts, first days of school not once but twice, boy scouts and Scott and Isaac’s successful moose hunt!


Birthday parties, a 10th wedding anniversary, surprise visits, pumpkin carving, snow days, Image

a new job and holiday extravaganzas! All in all it’s been a wonderful year and again we’ve been blessed with growing love, a sense of humor, patience, friendships, family and so much more. From all of us in this group of McCumby’s wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a amazing 2014!



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