More Oldies But Goodies

I was reading through some old notes and ran into these…

9/2010- Barrett says “Mom, I need to go poop.”
“Ok, go then.”
“Oh, never mind. I just need to change my underwear. No worries.”

9/2010- Barrett is in bed with me since Scott it gone hunting. He says he needs to go and blow his nose. Then he says he might need to poop. He gets up, goes to the bathroom and says “What did I need to do again?” Stall Barrett the answer is stall!

12/2012- Last night Barrett took his turn saying prayers and said “…and I pray that you won’t let me do drugs like Grandpa Salley.”
“WHOA! Grandpa Salley doesn’t do drugs.”
“Well he smokes cigarettes and those are drugs.”
“Well, it’s not considered a…never mind. Just continue.”
“And I pray you tell Grandpa that smoking cigarettes is bad because they have tar in them and smoking a street is bad.”
“Did your class talk with the school counselor today?”

7/2011- Barrett told me today while flossing that he figured out why floss tastes good. The bugs in your teeth think you’re eating a mint so they jump on to the floss and then you throw it out. Right mom?

4/2011- “Barrett, it’s almost time to do the drops again”
“Mom, I’ll kick and scream if you try to put those drops in my eyes again”
“I’ll spank your butt if you kick and scream.”
“I’m naked so it will probably hurt..”
Good thinking!


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