Saved by April Fools!

Barrett saved his never fail stall tactic for the night before our trip. A loose tooth. They somehow manage to hold on through the day but 8:15 PM is eviction notice hour.

Hanging by a thread he and his trusty side kick wandered into the kitchen. Scott tried to pull it out but his fingers kept slipping off the tooth. I’ll do poop and puke but can’t do teeth. Eek

Merrick got to do the honors of shutting the door again. I hope he knows when his teeth loosen it’s going to be Barrett’s turn. “Off to bed with the two of you! Here’s your tooth in a baggie, put it under your pillow. You’ll have tooth fairy money and report card money for Phoenix!” Now it’s on to last minute work, housekeeping and packing.

Imagine my surprise when a disappointed boy slumps into me this morning whining about the tooth fairy not coming. FRICK!!!

Now I’ve already done the messy room excuse, the hurry write a letter and drop money when he’s not looking trick, I think I’ve done the last one a couple times.



My brain was scrambling. “I bet the tooth fairy is playing an April Fools joke!”

Saved the day! The fairy wrote an April Fools note and taped money to his tooth brush. I shake my head when I think of how I’m going to manage this with two more boys. 


2 thoughts on “Saved by April Fools!

  1. When Anastasia lost one of her molars, our excuse was she was the last stop for the Tooth Fairy and since the tooth was so big, she didn’t have room for it. 🙂 I think daylight savings may have been our last excuse. It confused the Tooth Fairy about when it was safe to come over.

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