Lasting Memories (A post never published from January 2014)

Did you see the version of “What Does The Fox Say“?

Did you watch the mom’s version on “What My Kids Say?”

My family and I thought it was funny. I would change up a couple of lyrics (I hate you mom? YIKES) but overall it does a pretty good job of nailing motherhood. When the video was over Merrick starts singing “What does dad say? Do this and this and this and this. What does dad say?” HAHAHAHAHHAH That’s funny stuff right there.

I was throwing Kierran up in the air the other day. Whenever I do this I think quickly “Has he eaten recently and is there any chance he’ll puke?” I’ve scene too many movies. I figured I was in the clear for puke. He drooled in my eye. Still equally as disgusting and caused me temporary blindness. He’s lucky I valued him enough to prevent him from hitting the floor. With one eye in operation I caught him.

Barrett is learning fractions at school. He came home from school with math homework and a birthday invitation that was for the previous weekend. In the homework packet one assignment was to fold a piece of paper into a fraction. I grabbed the birthday invite. We missed the party anyway. Barrett said
“No mom, I can’t use that!”
“Because I’ll go to school and he’ll see I’m using his birthday invite and it might hurt his feelings” Barrett started to tear up not doubt imagining what it would feel like to him if that happened. I agreed with him and held him as he wept. He is such a sensitive, empathetic, caring, thoughtful soul. I told him he was a wonderful friend and Gabe is a lucky boy to have him as one. Now the only time this side of him is absent is when dealing with his brothers. Like tonight when Scott brought home a truck he was test driving Barrett got to go for a little spin and wasted NO TIME throwing it in his brothers face.



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