A Book About Potty Training

Yesterday I wondered if there was a book about potty training where parents just dumped stories about their trials, “Adventures in Potty Training”. If there is one I doubt it’s popular. Wouldn’t each story be pretty much the same?

Parent A picks up that the Baby is ready and wants to start training. Parent B hopes Parent A is successful before their weekend approaches. Parent A takes the diaper off. Parent B is quick to put it back on.

Parent A is getting ready for work and hears older sibling screaming and laughing. Parent searches memory bank for what could be happening and comes out of their room and is met in the kitchen with Baby smearing poop throughout the house. Siblings running around like crazy monkeys yelling about two small piles and one large pile upstairs on the carpet. They missed the smaller piles down the stairs that they stepped in and are now spreading around the living room. Parent A is in dress pants scrubbing carpet and showering kids. Parent B is sleeping.

Parent A is painting their bedroom and hears Baby crying but doesn’t react because it happens all too much. Baby approaches Parent A crying and mumbling “poo, poo”. Poop is dripping down the foot and on to the floor. Baby is picked up and taken outside. While walking out of the house Parent A notices small dabs of poop down the hallway and larger smears on the dining room floor and the largest chunk ever seen on the back deck. Baby is taken outside, stripped and hosed off until water is no longer warm. Baby is pissed off. Pants are thrown in the trash. Parent A and Baby come back inside to find Dog cleaning the dining room floor. Parent A starts screaming. Baby gets a quick bath and dressed (with diaper) and Parent A starts cleaning hallway carpet. Parent B is at work. Parent A gives up.

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