Mud Factor

We did the Mud Factor obstacle course today. I was a little upset at the event when I found their hidden fees, geez it’s pricey enough! $70 for both boys and that included registration, registration online fee, and parking. DANG! But we’ll probably do it again next year as a family, except we’ll leave K with a sitter.

As I’m typing Merrick is setting up an obstacle in his bedroom with Kierran. He’s yelling “Are you ready? I SAID! ARE YOU READY?!” Kierran calmly says “yea”. I don’t have to see it to know Kierran isn’t following the course because Merr is holding back from freaking out on him.

This morning I had to wake them at 6:30 AM which is a sin in my parenting handbook. They were so excited there wasn’t a grouchy person in sight. They ate, dressed, brushed and got tatted up to go! Actually while I was getting the boys dressed I asked Merr if he’d like a sweater. He politely declined. So I asked if he’d rather have a jacket. He looked at me and said “Mom, I’m know you’re trying to be helpful but you’re bugging me. I got this ok”. Hmmm, who has he heard a similar statement from before?

Off we went at 7 AM to go pick up Grandma Duffield (Scott’s Mom, Tresa). Thank goodness she was willing to come along. I would have lost a child today. I’m not sure what I assumed the race would be like but I had it wrong. With Kierran strapped to my back we started at exactly 9 AM. I was really impressed on how organized and timely everything was. I thought I’d be able to follow along side the boys while they went through the obstacles. WRONG. Merr took off like a shot and was at the front of the pack with the 13 year olds. Barrett was still faster then me but more towards the middle of the pack. Running up hill with a baby on your back doesn’t work well.

Tresa followed along with Merr aka Speedy Gonzolez and I had Barrett. Merrick was smoking Barrett so I was surprised when Barrett crossed the finish line first. OH SH….. I didn’t see Tresa either and my phone wasn’t blowing up so I trusted he was alive. Turned out Merrick traveled the whole 5K! He went on the adult run. WHOA! We were so impressed. He’s had issues with side cramps in the past and said he didn’t have one at all today. Awesome!


IMG_9990 IMG_0101 IMG_0088 IMG_0079 IMG_0070 IMG_0066 IMG_0048 IMG_0046 IMG_0039 IMG_0032 IMG_0020 IMG_0001 IMG_9997 IMG_9991



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