Birds and Bees

I need to find this book I heard of once that breaks down what a kid should know about sex by age. I keep thinking Barrett is getting to the age where he might need to know stuff to counter his friends at school who have older siblings. In the past I think he’s hinting about something and it turns out he was being innocent. But then again, what if he’s taking me for a ride?

In his class the upcoming project is to make a thinking cap. He found one he would like to model after that has some nuts and wing nuts sewn to it. I was making a list of things to pick up at the craft store and he says, “Nuts, hahaha that’s funny”. So I calmly say “It is? How so?” “You know, like nuts you eat. If I get hungry and I pick a snack off my hat.” Hmmmmm, I think I’m being played for a fool.

I Spy and Hair Do’s

Sooooo, we’re driving to the boys hair appointment and they start playing I Spy. Merr cheats. He says things like, “I Spy something red” but doesn’t actually pick the object until we all give up. I know his tactic. He doesn’t want to lose. I was the same way. Unfortunately to his determent he usually picks something someone has already called out and gets booed at by those playing the game. He’s the wild card.

During this game I swore Barre was sinking to his brothers level. “I Spy something pink and it’s inside the car”. Merr and I looked everywhere and saw nothing pink. Maybe he meant purple? Nope. Maybe a light red? Nope. So we gave up. That kid reaches into my purse and pulls out a panty liner. “OH! Mom’s diaper! I didn’t see that! NO FAIR”! Oh good eye Barrett. You loose for lack of tact and Merrick! IT’s NOT A DIAPER!

So we get to the salon which is in the lower level of my friend Tricia’s house. As soon as we walked in the volume of her house went from 1 to 25. “I want to go first! No, I do! MOM! Get Kiekie out of the chair! Don’t climb the shelf! Sit. Stay still. Put that back.” They weren’t being naughty. They were just three young boys in a 12×12 room. There was another lady who had just finished her appointment and was awaiting her husband. I was sure she was planning to wait outside but she confessed she is a retired first and second grade teacher and she was amused. Tricia, with two boys of her own is great with my kids! However, I’m sure if she drank, she would have a big glass after we left.

The boys had mops on their heads. I’ve enjoyed growing their hair out but wanted a little style this go around. They both picked the same photo of a boy online that they wanted to look like. He was dressed in all black with his hair slicked back. I have greasers for kids. Or goth…ugh.

IMG_1341  IMG_1349 IMG_1346 IMG_1345

In the end they looked handsome. I’m grateful for Tricia and her patience! I’ve zipped my panty liners up so no more eye’s will spy!