Birds and Bees

I need to find this book I heard of once that breaks down what a kid should know about sex by age. I keep thinking Barrett is getting to the age where he might need to know stuff to counter his friends at school who have older siblings. In the past I think he’s hinting about something and it turns out he was being innocent. But then again, what if he’s taking me for a ride?

In his class the upcoming project is to make a thinking cap. He found one he would like to model after that has some nuts and wing nuts sewn to it. I was making a list of things to pick up at the craft store and he says, “Nuts, hahaha that’s funny”. So I calmly say “It is? How so?” “You know, like nuts you eat. If I get hungry and I pick a snack off my hat.” Hmmmmm, I think I’m being played for a fool.

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