Booty Calls and Debby Downer

Booty Call

In case you missed it on Facebook yesterday, I got a booty call.

My cell rang so I went to answer it but whomever was calling hung up.
“Hmm, I wonder who was calling?”
“It was probably a booty call mom” said Barrett as innocent as a child could.
Here’s where I get into trouble. You can’t laugh! Otherwise they pick up that they said something funny to an adult. Even though they don’t know what they said, if they get a laugh they’ll repeat it.

So very calm and in control I ask “What’s a booty call?”
“You know, when your butt dials someone.”

Ahh, yes my sweet boy still remains.

Debby Downer

Merrick loves to tell jokes. Lately they’ve been stories and they turn out bad. I need to buy him a joke book.  He must not get the concept. Here’s today’s joke; Why did the fox go to the store? Because he needed food for his family and they didn’t have any where they lived because people keep trying to shoot them.

See? Just bad, bad, bad.