Christmas Cookies Decorating (It went smoother then I’m sure you’re imagining)

I lied to my friend, on accident, today and said that we’ve done this every year for the past three but we did skip a year because I was in Arizona but we’ve done it enough that I feel comfortable saying that we’ve started a little tradition with our kids. Her younger three and my kids are the same ages so they pair up great for events and this even carries on to Christmas cookie decorating.

We had three adult and 7 kids. Perfect ratio! No issues, just tons of fun. The cookies were pre baked and funny enough my older two stayed far away. They are quick learners. Kiekie, not so much.

Merry Christmas Banana!!! I love you and your family.

IMG_2080 IMG_2078 IMG_2074 IMG_2072 IMG_2069 IMG_2063 IMG_2061 IMG_2057 IMG_2051 IMG_2046 IMG_2044 IMG_2043 IMG_2042 IMG_2035 IMG_2032 IMG_2028

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