Allergies and Runaways

Barrett found a hair in his cereal the other morning. He was grossed out  and blaming me so I said, “I give you every ounce of my patience, my love, my time and the actual hair from my head and all its nutrients!” No beat was skipped when Merr said “I’m allergic to nutrients!”

Barrett went to a neighbors house to play and Merrick didn’t notice. When he emerged from the TV room searching for his older brother I told him that Scott and I told Barrett we liked the other kids more and he was hurt so he took some money and went to find a new family. Merrick kept asking if we were serious and where did Barrett actually go. 

“To find a new family.”

“Are you serious?”


Merrick left and came into the living room with a backpack and all his bedding. He asked for some money so I asked him where he planned to go, “To find Barrett!” 

Sweet boy. Dad and I were kidding but thanks for showing your loyalty you twit! Make your own food now!

I helped him unpack his bag. It contained his piggy bank, Lego alarm clock and a robe.

Superbowl Bloopers

This morning I listened to a recap of the Superbowl from the opinions of two 8 year olds and a 6 year old. It was the best. My favorite comment came from Merrick who said, “And we had to be with the Patriots! They couldn’t go find their own party! It was annoying”. He was referring to our friend who were at the party cheering for the Patriots. I posted the comment on facebook and a friend replied…

After a Brady interception Merrick (who sat next to me for a good chunk of the game) said to me that “it was too bad that Brady couldn’t find one of his own players to throw to…luckily there was a Hawk to catch the ball so it didn’t fall on the ground.” Then he offered me a Dorito and sincerely told me “it will be ok when you lose, sometimes you just have to let that happen.” Then upon further reflection he commented that “my mom said that I shouldn’t brag, so, I’m sorry that the Hawks are better than the Patriots.” Seriously, he was killing me with the one-liners. That kid is so funny”.