Attempting to Spoil a Dinner

Scott and I had friends over for dinner last night. We enjoy hosting dinner and spending time with our friends but dang! Our kids do their best to try and spoil a good dinner.

Only a few minutes after their arrival Merrick comes to talk to me in the kitchen and I notice something smeared on his forearm. So I ask him what’s on his arm. He looks at it and licks his finger to wipe it, sniffs it… “Is it poop Merrick?” “I don’t know.” I can’t think of anything you’ve eaten today that’s brown. Go to the bathroom and wash your hands and arm with hot soapy water.” Laughing erupts from our guests. I was relieved they saw the comedy it that potentially toxic situation. Merr comes back to me with a very pink arm and pulls me down to him, “Mom, I think it was poop. How did I get poop on my arm?” “Son, I have no idea.” I tried to imagine how that smear came to be but my mind can’t recreate a wipe that places a smear so far up his forearm. But huge kudos to our friends for not choosing fast food instead. They stuck it out with us. Now it’s Kierran’s turn.

Dessert was pumpkin pie with whipped topping! Kierran loves pie but not tonight. He’s never been big on whipped topping either but Scott felt the need to have him try the topping. Forcing a small dab on his tongue he says, “see, it’s yummy!” Says an opptimistic daddy. “He’s gagging.” Says a knowledgable mommy (that’s me). No one moves. BARF! On the table. Everyone is still frozen. I pick him up and take the teary eyed boy to the bathroom to clean up. When I came back out our friends were still there!! Big thanks to the Gibson’s for their cast iron stomachs and the delicious salad and amazing hot sauce! 

We’ll do it again. Maybe without kids?

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