Daytime Date

I took Merrick grocery shopping with me this morning. It just so happens removing him from the equation makes life easier for the parent who has the two other kids. Funny how that works.

We went to Freddy’s first and I decided I needed a pair of sunglasses. I picked out four pairs.

“Merr, what do you think of these?”
“Those are good.” I look in the mirror. They are sideways on my face. No.
“What about these?”
“They are double good.” I look in the mirror. I look like a bug.
“And these?”
“Triple good. That means I like them more.” I look in the mirror. Not bad but I don’t dig the butterflies on the sides.
“Ok, what do you think of these ones?”
“Nipple good.”
“No, Merrick. What? Wha, what?”
“It means four times as good. Double, triple, nipple..”
“No, it’s quadruple.”
“Oh.” I didn’t even look in the mirror. I just put them back.I grab one last pair. “What about these?”
“Oh I like those the best. They make you look like Grandpa.”
Annnnnd I’m done.

Warning to Scott, I’m over grocery store glasses. I’m going in for the big dogs 🙂