Little Barre Gets Bigger

Today is our Big Barre’s 9th birthday. He doesn’t have a facebook or email account so I’m not wishing him happy birthday here because that crap drives me nuts, but announcing that he is growing up too fast. As hard as I push down on his shoulders he still gets taller and even when I only put one candle on the cake he still gets older. Our little Barre is becoming our big Barre.

We were driving yesterday and he wanted to talk about Mustangs. His new obsession. When he asked me what my dream car would be I started naming qualities a parent would wants. Easy clean out, no hidden places the vacuum can’t reach, no compartments to hide rotting food in, windows that are smudge proof…that’s not what he meant. I recalled hearing a brand of car called a Maybach in a song not too long ago so he googled that on my phone. WOW! He was impressed by the price and the look so we designed our own. His had gold buttons, grey leather interior, black paint job and a fuzzy steering wheel.

“Like those fuzzy ones at Walmart?”
“No mom. Like real fur. My steering wheel will be lined with fox fur. The real stuff, not fake.”

Alrighty. Well, he did not get that for his birthday. Hoping the fishing pole makes him just as happy.
Thank you to all who came to his party last night. I know this birthday will be the talk of his days until next year. Ugh it just occurred to me that I didn’t make a post for Kierran’s 3rd birthday. Shoot!


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