Crazy Shhhhh

While driving the other day….”You’re digging what?”
“A hole mom. It’s in the woods so dad won’t be mad.”

“Well that’s good. What’s it for?”

“Poop and pee.”

I’m slowly learning the art of interrogation. Effectively pulling information from someone so they spill their guts before they learn they screwed up by talking. I’m not an expert yet but I’m getting close.

“Wow, that’s cool. Whose idea was this?” (See my mind game here?)

“Mine!!” Shouts Barrett proudly.

“Yeah it’s cool mom. We have a big rock to put out butt on and we’re finding wood to rest our back on and…”

“Mom! I made a toilet paper holder with a stick so we can wipe our butts!”

I tattled to Scott. He thinks he knows where said hole is because they were congregated in an area for a long period of time.

Please imagine my horror when Barrett walked up on the deck today with toilet paper hanging from his shoe.

“Barrett, what’s on your shoe? Is that? DID YOU USE YOUR POOP HOLE!?!”

“No.” And he has this look of a snotty teenage or disgust or maybe it was more like I was dumb for asking?

They (Barrett and Merrick) turn their backs and walk away and Merrick whispers “That was close.”

UNCLE! Do you hear me lord? UNCLE!!!

The evidence I found

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