Psychological Trauma

The boys started to turn on Kierran this morning when Usick the elf on the shelf didn’t show again. I might have to cut his sick leave short to keep Kierran alive.

If you didn’t hear, Kierran touched Usick last Friday morning which according to elf on the shelf rules means he has to go to the hospital because you are not supposed to touch him. My Aunt thought I was wise to have come up with that disciplinary action to constructively teach Kierran not to touch him. Not quite, some author helped me out. I merely follow the rules and enjoy the break from creativity.

This morning however, the loving “It’s ok Kierran. Now you know.” turned into, “This is ridiculous! Kierran YOU did this! You ruined everything!” Scott’s melodramatic childhood behavior is rearing it’s ugly head again. So, I think I’ll bring Usick out of my sock drawer and back into the home scene. December 1st seems more of a fitting day anyway.

All this talk about Usick brings me to Barrett. The boy who last year questioned all mythical beings which forced me to have “the talk” with him. Not “THE TALK” but the no Santa, tooth fairy, Easter bunny talk. As far as kids being told the truth I think the talk went well. He cried. A lot but that’s sort of normal right? With the events and comments from the last month I’m beginning to think that conversation either never happened or hearing the truth caused him psychological trauma and he has completely forgotten.

He started last month with talk of visiting Santa and what he was going to ask for. I was proud at how well he played along for the sake of his brothers. Every year I send the boys the Santa grams through email and Barrett mentioned them saying, “Hmm I wonder when we’ll get Santa’s email. Does Santa really send it mom or is that you?” My first response was anger toward him because I thought he was trying to be sly about knowing something his brothers didn’t so I gave him a dirty look. “What?” His face had an innocent look. Not a smirk. Shoot, now I’m confused.

As the month progressed and there was more talk about Santa and Usick I began to think we should sign him up for acting classes because he was too good at this. We went to go see Santa on Saturday (that was stupid and we left quickly after I found out we were family 30 and they were on 17) and when we left without speaking to Santa Barrett was bummed out. Like, you can’t fake being that bummed without looking weird and that kid is an awful liar so I’m sure he can’t be a good actor. Now Merrick…UGH. Another story.

I spoke to Scott about it and he agrees. He’s probably forced himself to forget or refuses to the event took place. I don’t know. Can you re-believe in Santa and the elf? Maybe he wasn’t ready to grow up that much yet. LORD help me when we have to have “THE TALK”. I can’t have him force forgetting that info! I’ll keep you posted as events unfold this month.


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