Rookie Mistake

Every Wednesday night the boys attend a bible study class at a local church. It’s similar to AWANA but this program is called CIA (characters in action) and was developed by the local church to teach the kids characteristics of Christ. It’s fun and the kids love it. They are broken up into age groups and each group gets book time and gym time.

Gym time is a series of games that get the kids active. I realized these relay type games are a bit of a bigger deal than I originally thought. There are some strict rules that everyone is good about following and this is because there is a group in Delta that the kids will meet up with for a competition toward the end of the school year. It’s serious business. Everyone seems to have fun, except for Merrick and a few others. That kid is competitive to a fault. I’ve seen him run over kids for the win. He runs but constantly looks behind him to gauge the other runners ultimately slowing him down. Both are a no no’s in my book.

Last night was Parent’s Night. So parents get to go to class with their kids and participate to see what they are learning and play the relay games with them. OMG I had so much fun!! If there was a gym that did relay races I’d join. I joined Barrett and Kierran’s game time and let Scott join Merrick’s. What a workout! Barrett is grouped with kids from 9-19. Huge age range but they are good about dividing the teams up without stacking teams. I can’t tell you how much fun I had without really digressing from the rookie mistake I made.

Barrett’s game time was SUPER competitive because most of the kids are older and have been around longer and know all the rules and are serious about not breaking them. I held my own and learned a lot and surely must have lost some weight because HOLY COW! It was fast and furious. People were getting trampled left and right. One lady got taken out by a floor scooter right in the ankle! Man it looked SO painful. After 30 min of the Hunger Games I was grateful when in walked Kierran’s age group, 3-4 year olds. It was a nice break to not be competitive and a little slower paced. We still maintained a slight competitive flair and were a little loose with the rules to a degree.

After a few little runs to warm the kids up we started the relay races. Kierran and I waited in line for the relay race to begin . We were the first to receive the hand off of the baton. I was looking over my shoulder not really paying attention to him. He holds up his finger to me and says, “Mommmmm”. He probably got hurt. The littles fell down a lot and when you are going full speed there were some dragging of kids and jumping over. I assumed he got hurt and kissed his ouchie finger. I’m not sure if I heard the gasp or just happened to question what I did or possibly it was the feeling of what felt like lip gloss on my lips but I glance down at the three year old picking the boogers out of his nose. I made eye contact with another mom in front of me and I said, “Did what I think happened, really just happen?”. She laughed and said, “I’ve done it before too.” “That’s a rookie mistake! How could I have kissed a booger!?” EVERY parent roared with laughter. “It’s extra protein!”, “Extra antibodies to help keep you healthy!” Nothing was comforting. BLAH!

So a warning to all parents, don’t let your guard down! To all rookie parents or non parents, learn from my mistake. I bet I won’t do that again.

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