Down the Crapper Fear Factor Style

Our morning was operating in a normal matter except Barrett has caught Kierran’s bug and has been shuffling around the house for the last few days with a fever, dizzy spells and sore throat. Him being sick isn’t bad because it takes one kid off the plate in the morning so this morning we were only commanding two kids around. Scott is off today, that’s why I said “we”. Merrick was out of the way completely ready for school and on the computer playing Animal Jam and only Kierran was left.

“Kierran, go make your bed and brush your teeth.” Like the good toddler he can be he went away to do what I asked of him but he comes back shortly and says, “I can’t brush my teeth. My toothbrush is in the toilet and flushed.”  The look of confusion on my face came as quickly as Scott’s interjection, “This is what happened. It happened last night when you were gone, Kierran was brushing his teeth near the toilet and dropped it in the toilet. There was pee in the toilet. Merrick peed in the toilet and didn’t flush! I didn’t think the toothbrush would do down.”
“WHAT! You flushed the toothbrush?” I was flabbergasted. If the situation was flipped I could see Scott coming unglued on me. A toothbrush! OMG, I’m trying to image three kids and a dad gathered around the toilet, staring into the bowl. Yellow water with a toothbrush at the bottom. Scotts’ wheels are turning and he actually came to the conclusion that the bowl will drain and the toothbrush will remain. I’m still shaking my head.
“Melissa! There was pee in the toilet. I wasn’t going to put my hand in there to get it. You wouldn’t have done it either!”
“I did it like 4 weeks ago!” Merrick had my back and said “Yeah and there was poop in the toilet too.” GOOD CALL MERRICK! I totally forgot there was a log in there. I think you deal with so much crap as a parent (or in our case not the dad but the mom) that you can’t remember when you literally stick your hand in it. Thank you Merrick for making my case even stronger. Scott starts shaking his head, “Nope, nope not me. I draw the line at pee and poop. I’m not doing it. Nope.”

It’s not like we would have used the toothbrush again but it’s got to be bad to flush it into a septic, no? Scott backs his actions up and reassures himself with “Well the toilet has flushed just fine since last night so it must have made it down to the septic.” I’m still in such disbelief I’m smiling and chuckling. Probably because I totally won. Kind of. Didn’t I?

One thought on “Down the Crapper Fear Factor Style

  1. Yup, you totally won. Having flushed a toothbrush myself with less than stellar results…..clogged and required a wrench etc. In the future I’m NOT flushing pee or not 😀. Another great McCumby tale. Those boys…..❤️

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