The Scent of a Woman

Barrett, Merrick, Kierran and a neighbor boy are outside playing hunting, I thought, until I heard, “Woman! I smell Woman!” “I think I smell it too! Yeah, we smell woman!”
What the?!?!
“HEY! What did you say you smell?” Because I’ve been wrong before. “Did you say woman?”
“Yeah, Merrick put on doe perfume. We’re the bucks and we can smell her.”
Does Scott have doe scent? Shit.
“Real perfume? Or…”
“No, MOM! We’re pretending!”
Really!?! because that is TOTALLY something you would do.
So it turns out they have switched roles and are playing animals trying to mate during hunting season. I’m not sure what to think. If I choose to supervise I’m afraid of what I’ll find. On the up side Kierran refuses to be an animal and wants to play the hunter. The older boys are not happy because they say all he does is run around shooting them. Maybe I don’t need to supervise after all. He’s the best at salting game. HA!

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