A Bundle of Laughs

When I don’t immediately run to my blog to post the stories that involve these crazy boys I jot down quick notes on my phone to keep from forgetting. Sometimes I remember to look back at them and have a bunch of little stories to tell.

Have you seen the tv show Little Big Stars with Steve Harvey? Those kids are amazing. While we watched the show and commented non stop about how amazed we were by these kids Kierran felt left out. Keeping his head and shoulders on the couch he extended himself onto the coffee table making a bridge, “Look what I can do mom!” Oh yes, we’ll call Steve Harvey right away! Good job Stewart (this is a reference to a character on Mad TV).

Super sympathetic- this was Barrett’s comment after Kierran is rushed to Immediate Care with a gash on his eye lid, “That’s going to put a dent in our Disney fund.”

After watching his first infomercial Barrett is serious that I need these pots and pans and passionately tries to sell me on the idea of buying them. THIS is why we don’t have tv and might be doing are kids harm because when they move out they will spend their student loan money on infomercial crap. During the commercial break a female soccer player came on screen saying she wasn’t going to let female problems get in her way. She ran around the field, jumped up high and caught a ball heading for the net, she looked super athletic. Sounding like he found the cure for his athletic woes he yells, “Mom, I need some of those because I can’t catch a ball like that!” Sure, Barrett. If all you require is an Always pad I’ll buy them.

Yesterday I asked Merr to take the food scraps out to the compost bin. A few minutes later I had to yell, “We don’t throw potatoes at the house!” The things I’ve had to say to this kid astound me.


2 thoughts on “A Bundle of Laughs

  1. Just saw a cute hashtag moment on Jimmy Fallon about my dumbest lie that made me think of you and what you would tell one of your boys. It was a father that told his boy that was misbehaving that his belly button was a reset button and if he pushed it he would go back to being a baby again.

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