Back to School

Today is my second day without kids at home for 3 hours. It’s almost mind boggling. I walk around not talking to anyone. It’s beautiful. Can you tell I’m catching up on my blogging?

I LOVE THOSE BOYS!!! Everyone is incredibly happy with their teachers this year. Especially Barrett who has scored another male teacher. 3 in a row! Lucky duck. I think it’s rare to find male elementary teachers let alone amazing ones. Both older boys have joined running club again this year and they have their first spelling test today. Fingers crossed for 100% all around.

On Kierran’s first day I was told he has the potential to be a good lawyer. The teacher told the class that everyone needed to get ready to put their stuff away to get ready for snack. A little girl came up to Kierran and told him he needed to put his stuff away. He turned to her and said, “No I don’t. She said I have to get ready to do it. Not do it.” Well, it sounds like he’ll be similar to Merrick and gratefully the director knows Merrick and finds him funny. I think Kierran is in good hands.

I’m going back to texting my girlfriends about decorating and baking cookies!! I only have 30 minutes on free time left.

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