Kierran’s First Parent Teacher Conference

The preschool Kierran goes to is the same one we sent Merrick to. It’s our favorite. When Merrick went (4 years ago) we didn’t have parent teacher conferences and we didn’t need them. Every day we picked Merrick up his teacher, a sub or the director had lots to say about him. Never bad, he was a character and kept them on their toes and kept them laughing. Kierran seems to be following in his footsteps.

Kierran is a little behind with writing, recognizing his name, numbers and the alphabet. I blame myself for not working with him as much as I did the other two. I’ll step up my home game. I asked his teacher during the conference to show me what she would consider on target for a 3rd child (I totally said that!). She showed me someone who was similar and I felt good because this kid wasn’t much better with his writing. Then she told me he was 3. Ugh. Today he was tested on his letters, colors, numbers and shapes. He knew all the shapes, got all the colors (there was a bit of confusion because he was looking at the wrapper around the crayon and not the actual crayon but was able to correct it) but missed almost every letter and number. When he was saying his numbers he kept telling the director “I know this! I know this! 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 44, nickel, penny, dime….”. All of it wrong. Letters, same craziness.

Other than the academic stuff (ha!) he’s great. He gets along well with everyone and is very tolerant to the special needs boy in his class whereas most in his class aren’t. He uses his manners, follows directions but is still his clumsy self.  Miss Kristen, his teacher, said it’s like his mind is going faster then his body can keep up. I see that at home and recall Barrett being the same. Kierran and Barrett are both flat footed with turned in feet. It makes for lots of tripping and weird wear on the soles of their shoes. The teacher and the director just LOVE Kierran and can’t say enough kind things about him. He did announce to the class the other day that I was pregnant with a food baby. Miss Kristen had a hard time composing herself and tried to explain it to the class but decided not to and just let him tell his story.Kierran 4YO

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