The Puppy Dance

Before I dive into this post I need to back up a few steps. It’s been a while since I posted and a couple big things have happened.

  1. Scott took a job in Valdez, AK. We are moving to join him when school gets out in May IF we can find a house that works for our family. Right now he travels back and forth week on week off.
  2. I broke down a bought a dog for the family. I promise I thought a lot about this decision before I acted on it. He is a 3 month old yellow lab named Linus. His actual AKC name is LastFrontiers Thin Blue Line.

On with the story.

Kierran goes to a great preschool with great teachers who have become friends. Not only friends but helpers while Scott travels back and forth. I was looking for someone to watch K after school on the days I work and his teachers took on the task. It works out perfectly for me because I pick up K, M and B at the same time at the elementary school. Such a blessing! I don’t have to drive all around town picking kids up and K is getting great care and I don’t have to be worried about him. I do pay them but I’m beginning to think that the entertainment they get out of watching K could be payment enough.

Today when I picked the boys up at the school I got a good story. Miss Tara came by and asked Miss Kristen if she told me about the puppy dance. Kristen started laughing and said no, she had not. Tara says, “Kierran show your mom the puppy dance.” Since I’m too cheap to pay more money a month for my wordpress account I can’t upload a video so you’ll have to use your imagination. Kierran standing upright (thank goodness!) flailing his arms while thrusting his hips. He demonstrated this in the elementary school parking lot.

I would have been mortified if I wasn’t laughing so hard. Here is a picture of our little blanket dancer looking all innocent and adorable.



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