Detox Foot Soak

I’ve started a category on my blog for Pinterest fails. I’ve had enough of them to start a separate blog but I’m not going to stretch myself that thin. 

Tonight the boys and I tried the detox foot soak.

I was excited and talked it up to the boys like a spa night science experiment. As you can see they happily dressed the part.

I made the mix, added the 1/4 cup to a dish and added hot/warm water. We binge watched Liv and Maddie on Netflix while we waited for the detoxing to begin. Here is my soak when I first got my feet in.

The instructions say after 15 min the water turns colors from whatever toxin is leaving your body via your feet. I was imagining this mix to be like an exorcism of the body. Look at that persons water in the picture! Yuck! Well either that person was really dirty or we’re super healthy because here is our water after 30 minutes.

Total disappointment. So the boys took matters into their own hands.

They added bath fizz colors to our water to make it more fun. Merrick got over zealous and put two tablets in his water.

Don’t waste your time on this pin. It’s a total bust!

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