Tan Legs, Hairy Legs-Same Diff

Here’s a Pinterest fail from years past.

It’s June 2014 and I’m scanning Pinterest and come across a DIY tanning solution with simple ingredients I have at home. SCORE!


I can see that the right leg is slightly tanner than the other and it looks flawless! So I click on the link and it takes me to the recipe of Jergens lotion and coco powder. You mix the measured amounts and rub on until absorbed. Here is my after photo.


I know!!! I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed trying to get it all worked in but it kept streaking and starting flaking off. OMG what was I thinking. What if the kids ran past me with water guns. My legs would have looked worse than this hairy looking disaster. No, I did not go out in public with my legs looking like that but I do recall how difficult it was to wash off completely. I vaguely remember my friend Michelle being over and laughing hysterically. She might have even taken the photo. At my expense, save yourself! Don’t waste you time or coco powder and lotion!


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