University Science Day

Scott came back into town Friday so we got to attend Science Day up at the University Alaska Fairbanks as a family. We have lots of fun despit the large crowds. The best part is exposing the boys to things I wouldn’t even think to educate them about or be able to. My favorite center was the rock cutting and polishing. I’ve got a couple chunks of beautiful white marble ready to install in my bathroom 😉 

I didn’t let Kierran cut his own rock. After taking two pictures I lost my nerve and asked the guy to do it.

And Barrett, my cautious child let the guy cut his rock but was comfortable polishing it.

Merrick and his buddy from school posing with a T-Rex skull.

The boys two favorite stations were the gum drop structures and the marshmallow vacuum. I’m sure it had everything to do with the end product.

Brains!!! They were really interested in the brains. One kid walked in and started gagging.

The touch tanks are always a hit. 

We were there for over two hours and didn’t get to see everything and there was so much I didn’t get pictures of. We had a great time this afternoon. A big thanks to UAF and thanks to you for keeping up with our family! 

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