The Big Announcement

I found out from Kierran’s preschool teacher that the Easter bunny visited all the kids in Kierrans class except him. Very bluntly Kierran said to his peers “…because he isn’t real.” There was an uproar in Miss Kristen’s classroom as the kids argued over Kierrans statement. 8 against 1, Kierran was the minority. 

Crap. My kid is THAT kid. The one I dread come Christmas because I do Santa but not the bunny.

I go all out for almost every holiday. It’s fun and I enjoy all the spoils that come with a holiday and a kids imagination but Easter is one we’ve never been big on. When Scott’s grandfather was alive we did egg hunts up at his grandparents house but that was more than 4 years ago and typically Scott will dye eggs with the boys and we might attend an egg hunt in town but other than a family meal we haven’t been all crazy for the bunny and eggs thing. 

To us Easter isn’t something to mask or make pretend. It’s too powerful and too important for my kids to be confused with how a bunny delivers eggs of candy and how that has anything thing to do with Christ rising from the grave. So when Kierran asked where the Easter bunny was I told him the truth. (Now don’t think I was a total Scrooge. I did get the boys a box of peeps to share.) He looked confused so we talked about it for a bit and I covered a lot but totally neglected to mention to him that we need to keep this between us since other kids believe. Oops!

Miss Kristen handled the situation with grace and was able to cease the lynch mob. Kierran settled on the fact that the bunny didn’t come because he wasn’t good. Ugh! I looked at him and said, “I told you why the Easter bunny didn’t come and it wasn’t because of your behavior. What did I say?” 

“He isn’t real.”

“Yes and let’s keep that info between us.”

Better late then never. Sorry New Hope class of 2017. I’ll take the blame.

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