Washington to Alaska Road Trip

They’re off!!! Merrick and Scott are boarding a plane as I type to Washington to pick up our friends new truck and our new shaved ice trailer! 

A few months ago Scott had the idea of running a shaved ice trailer in Valdez. He did research on the business and cost analysis then presented the idea to me. We found a few nice trailers but one in particular stood out, Captain Snowbeards!! It’s was a great price and the trailer is so cool! Scott called the owner and it turns out him and his wife are from NORTH POLE!! Crazy!

The theme is perfect for Valdez! The owners agreed to meet Scott in Oregon so he didn’t have to drive all the way to Las Vegas. WIN! 

We spent some time trying to find someone to drive with Scott. It was planned to be a turn and burn type trip and if there were two drivers it would be faster. We didn’t have any luck finding a driving partner so the plan was for Scott to take Linus. Then out of the blue a friend bought a new truck in Washington and was going to fly down with Scott and pick up the new truck and trailer then drive back! Awesome deal but our friend didn’t have a passport. Bummer! So then the idea morphed  into Scott flying down with Merrick, picking up the truck and trailer then driving back together. Of course no trip to Washington would be complete without a ball game of sorts so unbeknownst to Merr they are going to a Mariners game. 

They’ll be gone for about 6 days in all. Keep them in your prayers for safe travels. I imagine this trip will have a few crazy stories since Merrick is involved. I’ll keep you posted!

2 thoughts on “Washington to Alaska Road Trip

    1. You’ll have to come down for a visit! Well, when we get down there that is 😉
      The hardest part was keeping this a secret from Merrick. We didn’t say anything until this morning at 6 AM when we woke him up. We knew he wouldn’t sleep if we told him the night before.

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