Fishing with Dad

Baseball has been keeping us busy lately and out late at night and Scott has been back and forth between home and work making quality father son time a rarity. Gratefully the clouds held back the rain for a bit today allowing for the boys to go fishing. 

I’m sure they’d want you to know they caught the fish all by themselves! I’m not sure where Kierran is…possibly tied up in a tree somewhere to keep him out of the way.

Oh look! I see Kierrans arm in the corner there. Fishing with him can be trying. 

Linus wanted in on the action bad! He got in some swim time and Scott reported that he is exhausted. What a good dad!

Merricks Future Therapy

Yesterday my friend texted me this photo and said Merrick made the list!

His name is the second from the top on the right column. Excited to show him I asked the newly released from his bedroom for a timeout child aka Merrick to come to me. He was on his way upstairs to watch tv so I met him halfway at the bottom of the stairs. 

"Look what I just got." And I hand him my phone. "Zoom in on that list." He moves his finger on the screen and asks if it's real. "Yes, Miss Tana just texted it to me." I turn to walk back into the kitchen and stopped when I realize he's not as happy as I thought he'd be. I turn around and see my sweet 8 year old with tears pooling in his eyes. OMG he thinks this is the naughty list!! He asks me, "Mom, can I change? What did I do?"  Seeing that he's been in a bit of trouble already today I thought I'd let him stew in it for a minute. "What do you mean what did you do? You got a spanking yesteday and you just got out of your room for breaking a rule." The tears ran down his cheeks. Ok, fun over we are entering therapy territory now. 

"Merrick, it's the nice list!"

"Maybe it's last years list. When did you get this?"

"Miss Tana just sent it to me. She took the photo today." (I have no idea if that is the truth but I'm sure it was recent). He starts to smile and says, "Promise?" "I promise baby. You're a good boy."

I don't think we'll have to visit Santa this summer for a checkup.