Driving Time Stories

On our recent trip to Valdez, Alaska the boys talked about what kinds of engineers they want to be when they are older. Barrett is interested in electrical engineering, Merrick asked questions about petroleum, water and computer engineering and Kierran blurted out that he was going to be a train engineer. I was impressed! That could be very cool and he wasn’t copying his brothers which is traditionally his style, he really went out on his own.

“When I get big I’m going to be a train engineer”

“Oh yea?”

“Yea, I’m going to drive the coal train for Santa and watch him give coal to all the bad kids stockings.” I looked into the rearview mirror in shock that his career choice was so unique and specific and saw him staring at his brothers with a Grinchy grin. 

“He got an idea. An awful idea! The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea.”

I can only imagine the glory of the scene that played out in his head. Him, sitting poised as the conductor of the train as Santa reached into the train car filled with the black sinister stocking filler. The grinchy grin spreads across Kierrans face as he’s witnessing the coal being dumped into his brothers stockings while his stocking hangs heavily from the mantle filled with toys and candy.

“Dang Kierran that’s very specific.”

“I know. But that’s what I’ll be.”

Not too long after the conversation moved to baseball. Not surprising seeing that both the older two are playing baseball this summer and Kierran is forced to watch.

Barrett says, “I need a cup mom.”

“I know I need to order one.”

“I really need the kind that slips in the underwear because Braiden says his slips all the time and he has to move it. Aiden says every time he plays catcher it falls towards the front of his thighs when he pops up fast.”

“Oh, that does seem like a problem.”

“Yea, maybe you can order me an extra extra extra extra extra extra small one.”

Oh my gosh where is my pen and paper to capture this moment! He’s gone against his DNA and doesn’t even realize it! He’ll regret that statement one day. Hahahaha 

Next post I’ll show you the new shaved ice trailer and tell the story of the adventure Merrick and Scott had getting it home. 

Until next time! Xoxo

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